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Proofreading is the editorial task of checking two “proofs” one against the other for textual and production errors, and dependent on the nature of the project either comes at the final stage of the production cycle or several times throughout.

This is an important process as much depends on the skill and experience of the proofreader in ensuring textual consistency and accuracy. For example, how often have you spotted grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, or even a paragraph misaligned in a book, newspaper, or online?

As a rule, proofreaders will not rearrange the sentence structure, or reorder any problematic paragraphs, this is the job of the copy editor or editor.  Using a proofreader is extremely important because it’s very difficult for clients to thoroughly check text or copy for errors – this is when a second pair of experienced eyes are needed. Expert proofreaders will go through each and every word and ensure that the text or copy is perfect.

Using the standard lexicon of proofreaders’ marks such as those illustrated above enables graphic designers and printers to make changes and amendments with assurance.