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Editing is the methodology of modifying the first draft stage of any written text, the intention being to produce a coherent and consistently complete work.

In the case of publishing, say as in the case of a book, the starting point lies with the author. In other cases the “owner” of the work could be a marketing manager, art director, or a small business.

The editor may also fulfil one or both of the roles below dependent on the project.

Copy editor dealing primarily with spelling, grammar, punctuation, fact checking, and word choice. See copy editing.

Development editor — helps the author or owner of the text from first concept to the final draft; suggesting topics, planning the structure, and working through successive drafts with the writer / owner.

What a good editor needs in addition to technical “know how” is an understanding of what makes a project “tick”. As such, editing involves creative skills, soft skills, and a precise set of methods. A great sense of humour goes a long way too.