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Transpose 

The Transpose package is a proofreading and copy-editing service for aspiring fiction, non-fiction and academic authors.  

It’s also an extremely important service for business owners and thought leaders aiming to publish for brand recognition and reputation either as a self-publishing endeavour or by finding a publisher.  

Aspiring authors, whether taking the self-publishing route or by submitting their work to publishers or literary agents, will need to put their best foot forward. The most productive way to achieve this ambition is to ensure their writing and content is as flawless as possible. 

Our aim with Transpose is to establish that an author’s writing meets the commercial reality and professional standards of the publishing industry. In the case of non-fiction and academic authors, business owners and thought leaders writing for their brand, it’s extremely important that protocols around citation, copyright, plagiarism, GDPR, and permissions for photographic and any other illustrative material used is observed.

Aside from the technical expertise offered with Transpose is how we engage, support and encourage our authors’ aspirations and ambitions … without gilding the lily.

Q: What do I get in the Transpose package? 

  • Editing, proofreading and formatting in an all-inclusive service cost
  • Manuscript is proofread and copy-edited to correct English language errors
  • Edited manuscript is corrected for improved clarity, coherence, syntax, flow, and more
  • Provide objective and expert feedback on your fiction and non-fiction work
  • In the case of academic manuscripts checking standard referencing styles 
  • Manuscript is formatted according to all prescribed guidelines

Q: How much does the Transpose package cost?

The cost is calculated based on the word-count of the manuscript.

Up to 15,000 words (195.00); up to 30,000 words (£350.00) up to 60,000 (£450.00) over 60,000 (£450.00 base rate + 15.00 per additional 1,300 words).