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The Serif package focuses on what is often the hardest nut to crack in publishing – sales and marketing.

It’s the equivalent to the finesse and final flourish given to the Serif font, which first originated in Latin text.

This is the aspect of the industry that can make or break the shelf-life of a book. Hence this package amounts to 15 hours of mentoring.

Q: What is included in the Ampersand package? 

Marketing for reach and sales -overview

Book information, ISBNs and barcodes 

Press releases, Advance Information sheets, data gathering

Proof copies and reviews

E-commerce websites

Social media

Websites / e-commerce

Selling direct, setting a retail price point, order forms, overheads

Distribution, sale or return, discounts

Book launches, speaking slots, book signings

Managing your time as a published author

Q: How much does the Serif package cost?

15 hours of mentoring (£450.00)