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Naming of service packages 

Engraved by Jacobus Houbraken (1698-1780) for The Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain by Thomas Birch (1705-1766). Published in London 1747 (Vol 1) and 1752 (Vol 2).
Copper engraving, 1748. Digital image size 3189 x 5133 px, 27.0 cm x 43.5 cm (300 dpi).

In the naming of our service packages inspiration has been drawn from the English poet, writer, essayist, politician and co-founder of the original Spectator magazine, Joseph Addison (1672-1719).

When signing his published writing Addison used the pseudonym Clio – the muse of history. Each letter represented a place where he wrote and lived:- Chelsea, London, Islington, the Office.  

In similar Addisonian fashion we have taken “Toast” where each letter denotes a proofreading term (and its symbol) in common usage in the publishing and print industries. Hence Transpose, Orphan, Ampersand, Serif and Typo.