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At Burnt Toast we work as a collective of the talents whose primary aim is to focus on clients' business imperatives, needs and desires.


The role of an editor is to synthesise all the modifications required at the first draft stage of any written document, the intention being to produce a coherent and consistently complete work. To get your project in good writing shape click on the icon.

Copy editing

Copy editing is the mid-way point of preparing any type of written document – printed or electronic – for presentation and communication. If making a lasting impression is important to you click on the icon.


Proofreading is the editorial "forensics" of checking two galley proofs or electronic documents, one against the other for textual and production errors. If you are looking to make your mark click on the icon.


Copywriting is writing “copy” for the purpose of advertising or marketing and created for the purpose of persuasion. The copywriter "tells the story", crafting it in such a way as to resonate with a designated audience. If you fancy having your tale told click on the icon.

Feature and editorial writing

Articles and features are a distinct form of writing mostly for print and online newspapers and magazines but sometimes subject specific as in the case of writing for the professions or academia. If you are looking for newsworthy impact click on the icon.

Writing for websites

Gone are the days when a website was a rare and precious gem in the marketing strategy of any business or organisation − now they are an essential component. We can translate your ideas and objectives into written and visual website content and back this up with equally important technical support such as web hosting and SEO. For traction on your website click on the icon.

Website design, hosting and SEO

When it comes to fully understanding how website design, hosting and SEO work in synch to get the best results we have all the answers; because building a website without SEO is like building a road without direction. To find out what website direction you need click on the icon.


Cartoonists can do what many other social and cultural commentators cannot. They take an idea and translate it into a visual narrative that goes to the heart of the matter – often with a satirical or comic interpretation. If you can't wait to work with our uniquely talented cartoonist click on the icon.

App design

Statistical studies show that e-commerce and m-commerce is on the rise. Does this mean that your business would benefit from the technology? We can advise you on the pros and cons, the technicalities and costs, and the process and timeline. Want your brand to go everywhere? Start the conversation by clicking on the icon.

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