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Burnt Toast Editorial – where writing smokes – is a Bournemouth based creative collective whose aim is to shape destinies.


The role of an editor is to synthesise all the modifications required at the first draft stage of any written document, the intention being to produce a coherent and consistently complete work. Let us work with you on your writing project. Click the pencil.


Copy-editing is the mid-way point of preparing any type of written item for presentation and communication. The "copy" is the raw material. It can be anything: a novel, website, journal article, thesis, leaflet, podcast, textbook, examination paper, menu, flyer, or even a tee-shirt. Want to get in great writing shape? Click the pencil.


Proofreading is the editorial task of checking two "proofs" one against the other for textual and production errors, and depending on the project comes at the final stage of the production cycle or several times throughout. If you want to make the right impression, click the pencil.


Copywriting is writing "copy" for the purpose of advertising or marketing and created for the purpose of persuasion. The copywriter has responsibility for the textual content of the advertising and promotional positioning of many types of organisations and businesses. They tell the story. Want us to shape your destiny? Click the pencil.

Feature and editorial writing

Features and editorials are a distinct form of writing for print and online media but cross over into blogging and writing for business, the professions, and academia. If you want your news reach to grow and your opinions and expertise to spread, let us work with you. Click the pencil.

Writing for websites

Gone are the days when a website was a rare and precious gem in the marketing strategy of any business or organisation − now they are an essential component. Writing for websites is very different from other forms of written communication. We can help shape your destiny online. Click the pencil.

Publishing and author support

With a publisher of 20 years+ experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of services to seasoned and aspiring authors. Acting as a consultant or a hands-on editor we guide authors through the maze of publishing protocols giving the best advice and help on all aspects of the book trade. Want to know more? Click the book.


Cartoonists see the world differently. They have the unique ability of taking an idea, topic or opinion and translating it into a visual narrative that goes to the heart of the matter; often laced with a good dose of humour. If you are looking for a special creative twist click the pencil.

Website design, hosting, and SEO

Having a well-designed website is vital for any business. We know it’s a common refrain but it's no less true. Investing in a good web presence is no longer an option in the marketing mix. Neither is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as one without the other is like driving without a road map. Click the laptop if you want to travel in the right direction.

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